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Stickley No. 962 Server

This is the Gustav Stickley No. 962 Server. I found the plans for it in the book "More Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture" by Robert W. Lang.

This drawing was done in Google Sketchup and was downloaded from Google's 3D warehouse.

Server inspired by the Stickley No. 962

July 9, 2011.

Found some time to get back to work on this project and shoot a couple of pictures.

Need to decide how many drawers. I don't particulary care for the configuration on the drawing.

I am considering either 2 rows of 3, or 1 large in the middle flanked by 2 on either side.

Back view.

I thought solid boards for the side and back looked a little plain, so I substituted frame and panels.

I also extended the depth of the front and back to match the sides.

New Project - Cherry Writing Table

March 19, 2011. We went to J.H. Monteath Lumber Company yesterday and bought the Cherry needed to make the legs and aprons for this table. The interior structure will be made of Poplar.

The design was inspired by a Christian Becksvoort article in Fine Woodworking which was published in the March/April 1990 issue.

Check back for updates.

Tapered-Leg Table from Popular Woodworking

Roy helped build this table to go with the Windsor chairs in the family room.

The plan can be found on the Popular Woodworking web site.

Top: Red Oak, Zinsser Amber Shellac
Base: Poplar, General Finishes Milk Paint

Shaker Classic

This project was inspired by the Christian Becksvoort article in Fine Woodworking (Shaker Classic, 2 ways) a few months back.

The base and drawer is done in poplar and the top is maple.


Limbert Waste Paper Box

I came across this in a Popular Woodworking book on Arts & Crafts furniture projects.

The plan called for the sides to be recessed in dados on each post. Since I had recently bought a Festool Domino, I decided to modify the plan and use dominos instead. Each panel edge is connected to the post with four dominos.

The dimensions are 11" square and 18" tall.

Here is a link to the Popular Woodworking magazine article for this project:

Stickley furniture sold a version of this at one time, however, it has been discontinued.
Limbert Wastebasket on

 dry fit

Windsor Chair

This chair came from Cohasset Colonials.

It was purchased as a kit, which I assembled and finished.

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